We nurture creative curiosity and use programming, resources and mentorship to empower the voices in our community to create a lasting impact.

Belong to where you are

Design brings inspiration and personality to our world. It connects us to each other and gives shape to our environments. It’s not just for people with a certain skill set. Or just for people with formal training. It’s for anyone with a passion, a story, a style, a voice.

We build programming to help improve design ability. We connect with complementary disciplines of creativity and expression. We prioritize social impact. And we promote community excellence. We provide resources and access to all creative professionals within our state and make sure that underrepresented communities have a seat at our table. Because to us, it’s not about where you came from. Or what awards you’ve won. It’s about using creativity to make a difference exactly where you are.

How do we do this?

  • Nurture Curiosity

Through programming and collaboration, we provide a place for creatives to learn, grow and hone their craft.

  • Provide Mentorship

We help our members navigate their careers at any stage because we’ve been there too.

  • Be a Resource

We provide access to the larger creative community and use our tools and connections to advance design.

  • Welcome Everyone

Whether you moved here, were born here or just are passing through, we provide a safe space to refine your creative identity. We build bridges between disciplines, backgrounds, experience and work to involve and uplift underrepresented communities in our state.

  • Advocate for Arizona

We believe that through design, we have the opportunity to further engage and uplift our surrounding communities.

AIGA Arizona celebrated 30 years of success and creativity in 2019. But during a challenging 2020, we tasked ourselves to look critically at our chapter and see how we could do more for our community. We realized that reworking our mission was crucial to ensure the organization aligned with the ideals and aspirations of its members. So that’s what we did. This would not have been possible without the facilitation of Jacinda Walker, Founder, DesignExplorr, our 2019-2020 Board of Directors, and local copywriters Zack Potthoff and Laurie Schnebly.