Grow Your Design Network with Grace and Ease: A Workshop with Pamela Slim

The health of your art or design business is directly related to the health of your network. How do you identify your best peers, patrons, partners and High Council of Jedi Knights? How to do approach influential and busy people in a natural and organic way that gets results and attention, without being pushy? How do you nurture a passionate and enthusiastic community of prospects, customers and fans?

In this workshop, Pamela Slim shares secrets from her work teaching thousands of business owners network building including:

  • Your three critical network circles
  • The power of avatars, ecosystems and watering holes
  • How to connect with people naturally and effectively
  • Building community with peers, partners and customers on social media

This workshop will be held at Pamela’s incubator space K’é (pronounced Keh) in the heart of downtown Mesa’s revitalized Main Street. In honor of Phoenix Design Week, Pam is generously providing this workshop, valued at $300, free of charge, up to a total of 30 registered attendees. One of the local Main Street restaurants will be providing eats and beverages.

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Pamela Slim
is an award-winning author, speaker and leader in the new world of work. She spent the first 10 years of her solo practice as a consultant to large corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Charles Schwab and Cisco Systems, where she worked with thousands of employees, managers and executives. In 2005, she started the Escape from Cubicle Nation blog, and has coached thousands of budding entrepreneurs, in businesses ranging from martial art studios to software start ups. Her new book, Body of Work, was released with Penguin Portfolio in January 2014.

When & Where
Mon, Oct 30, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
K'é - A Place for Small Business
126 W. Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201