Future Thinking: Expecting the Unexpected

As designers, we are consistently facing ethical decisions and creating some form of impact, whether for better or worse. This three-hour workshop will address how we can consider the long-term effects and social impacts of the products we design.

Workshop Format:

  • Welcome and light breakfast included
  • Presentation defining human-centered design and how it relates to design ethics
  • Review some of the firms that focus on this design thinking method
  • Outline resources available for designers to incorporate into their own processes
  • Using Tarot Cards of Tech hands-on workshop, exploring new ideas through a series of prompt scenarios

The Tarot Cards of Tech is a set of tools created by Artefact to inspire important conversations around the true impact of technology and the products we design. The deck of cards and interactive website encourage creators to think about the outcomes technology can have, from unintended consequences to opportunities for positive change.

Join AIGA Arizona as we look into what resources are available for designers from all backgrounds to help better prepare for effective impact. You'll learn to think more inclusively and consider the impacts of any creative challenge you may face.

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When & Where
Sat, Feb 2, 2019 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM MST
Canary Studio
521 S 3rd St #100
Phoenix, Arizona 85004