Tucson Modernism Week: Experience Modernism in 3D, Sponsored by AIGA Arizona

3D View-Master Presentation: Music, Architecture, and Style

Come and see the sights and sounds of the 1950s through a 3D View-Master slide show. Forget the handheld viewers, see View-Master like you’ve never seen it before. University of Arizona music curator and historian, Keith Pawlak, will present a brief history of 3D and showcase an eclectic mix of subjects in a live 3D presentation. Images will include photographs by Charles and Ray Eames, Columbia Records, and scenic shots from the 1940s and 1950s.

Modern 3D-style theater glasses will be provided to the audience. Some people with vision impairments may have trouble seeing the 3D images.

Price: $5.00 | $10 at the door:

For more information on Tucson Modernism Week visit http://tucsonmod.com/

By communications
Published September 23, 2016