Member of the Month – August 2019

Name: Timothy Brennan

Title: Creative Director/Sign Writer, Great Not Good Co.

How did you get started with AIGA Arizona?

I first heard of AIGA AZ while attending design school and continue to stay connected through networking events like Creative Connect, PHXDW, Creative Mornings, etc.

What do you like most about AIGA Arizona?

It’s not one specific thing, but more of the whole. Many of my professional relationships and personal friendships can be attributed to AIGA AZ in one way or another. Without these connections, my career would’ve taken a much different path, and I’m looking forward to where we’re headed next.

What design event do you look forward to every year?


What is the superpower you wish you had?

Not sure if I’d want a ‘real’ superpower and all the torment and/or responsibility that would come with it. If I had to pick one, it’d be a sign painting superpower. Palletakinesis (ability to manipulate paint/pigment) and/or Letterportation (ability to transport/transpose letters) sound like the most practical and least offensive.

Take a moment to showcase some designers or creatives who you think people should be following and why.

Doug Penick @extrasuperco
Victor Vasquez @snakesbloood
Paul Dunbar @padunbar
Albert Barroso @threesevenfive
Kaitlin Case @kaitlinecase
Sarah McKay @sarahmckeyart
Jon Arvizu @jonarvizu
Bob Case @robertcase
Katie Bravo @heykatiebravo
Matt Fischer @provokecreative
Miles McDermott @mcdamnright
Shelby Rinke @shelbyrinke

Because they consistently put out rad shit.

Tell us about your favorite event or moment with AIGA Arizona.

My favorite event was when I spoke at a Creative Mornings a while back. It’s not because I was the one speaking, rather it gave me an opportunity to dig deep into why we do what we do, confront my insecurities and how to mitigate the frustrations—and celebrate the great things—that come with it. I still recite some of the one-liners from that presentation to this day!

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Have a story to tell about your own AIGA journey or want to nominate someone?

You don’t need to be an award winner, a prodigy, or even a graphic designer to be chosen. Send a note to Membership Director Julian Martinez and tell us what being a member of the AIGA Arizona community means to you. See you next month!

By Matt Adams
Published August 28, 2019
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