Member of the Month – October 2019

Name: Morgan Clark

Title: Junior Graphic Designer, LAVIDGE

Member since: 2015

How did you get started with AIGA Arizona?
I started participating in the events AIGA Arizona was hosting for college students. I was a mentee paired with a mentor who mentioned Phoenix Design Week so I decided to go. After experiencing such a great event, it was pretty easy to decide I should get more involved. 

What do you like most about AIGA Arizona?
I like how tight-knit the community is and how everything is so customized for Arizona designers. Our needs are so different from other chapters and I think that’s really taken into consideration for everything AIGA Arizona plans. 

What design event do you look forward to every year?
PHXDW is an obvious answer, BUT this is my first year on AIGA Arizona’s board as Design for Good Director. Meaning, I’m part of the team planning for CreateAthon 2020 and I’m very excited to see the designers and non-profits that volunteer and apply for this event!

What is the superpower you wish you had?
I not-so-secretly wish I could perform alchemy. 

Take a moment to showcase some designers or creatives who you think people should be following and why.
I think Patricia Moore and Kat Holmes are two designers who should be recognized more. Both women have been truly impactful on the inclusive design front. Moore is an industrial designer who spent several years dressing up as an elderly woman to gain insight into the world of gerontology, and later took part in the creation of OXO Grips.

Holmes is the author of Mismatch which covers the disconnect between people and their environment. She talks about how as designers, we can remedy these issues with a little foresight. Holmes created a toolkit as an introduction into the world of inclusive design.

Tell us about your favorite event or moment with AIGA Arizona.
My favorite moment was a recent opportunity that I had at PHXDW. Long story short—there was a lightning talk (which I gave, eeeks!), there was a convention center full of creatives, and there was an open, honest conversation about mental health. 

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By Matt Adams
Published October 26, 2019
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