October in Review

Hello all!
The month of October was a busy one and we wanted to fill everyone in one what was discussed at our monthly Board of Directors meeting.

With the success of Phoenix Design Week and all of the upcoming events in 2014, which is swiftly approaching, we had the time to meet with April Holle about the upcoming WordCamp event. AIGA AZ will have a goal to encourage designers to attend, and to present the Wine & Design party on Friday night. The event will consist more of a lecture series that newbees and advanced users can attend and hear from the big WordPress gurus.

We had a couple of guests at our meeting as well. Jennifer Pace from Boys & Girls Club is interested in helping with students/mentorship stuff. Matthew Messersmith helped Paul Dunbar with volunteer coordination for PHXDW. We are thrilled to have their help!

Are you interested in volunteering with future events? Please reach out! paul.dunbar@arizona.aiga.org.

There will be a more lengthy recap on Phoenix Design Week, but overall, thank you to all who volunteered and to our Board Members who did much coordination and volunteering to keep the events and conference running smoothly. We can’t hold this event without everyone’s outstanding assistance!

This month we heavily focused on membership. A brainstorming session was help with all kinds of ideas to reach our key goals of:

  • Articulating the value proposition
  • Membership presence at events (asking members to work events)
  • Making better use of feedback
  • Reaching outliers and naysayers
  • Affiliate membership programs
  • Membership appreciation
  • Recruiting of chairs

How do we better activate those people who are interested in volunteering?

Would be good to identify and better activate the advocates with the value proposition messaging (brand, membership kit, etc.)

Value proposition:

  • Connect
  • Learn
  • Gain Recognition
  • Contribute


Top 5 Ideas for better serving our members: 

  • We’re already welcoming new members via email, but it’d be nice to have a better onboarding process for new members.  Some things like having a table at events, an easel thanking people for being members, introducing members, etc., are all good things, but we need to do them more consistently.
  •  It would be good to ask “Who’s an AIGA member?” Show some distinction/differentiation. Show gratitude to members.
  •  Encourage the members to introduce themselves to a non-member.
  • Maybe have more lunch hour stuff that the busy, strategic people could more likely attend.
  • We should specifically recruit people to be advocates/ambassadors (with title and all). they may not have to attend meetings, but they have a job. Recognize them and stay in touch with them.

What do you wish to see happen? How will you become more involved? Any feedback and/or suggestions are always welcome!

The month of November is filled with great events. Be sure to catch them whether in Phoenix or Tucson! 

Nov 6: Behance Portfolio Review – http://arizona.aiga.org/event/behance-portfolio-review-nov2013/

Nov 7: Brand Your Brew – http://arizona.aiga.org/event/branding-your-brew-tucson-20×20/

Nov 21: Screening of Design is One – http://arizona.aiga.org/event/special-screening-design-is-one/

By communications
Published November 11, 2013