Design for Good

Design for Good is an ethos to use problem-solving and design thinking towards social change.

AIGA Design for Good (D4G) highlights opportunities of engagement for designers to build their practice, expand their network, and have hands-on leadership opportunities. Design for Good recognizes the wide range of designers’ work and hands-on leadership and professional development opportunities, which benefit the world, our country, and our communities.

The AIGA Arizona Design for Good team creates memorable events and impactful work that serve Arizona’s people, and works to bring innovative designers and lecturers to the state to educate our design community. Some of our events include CreateAthon 2016, 2017 & 2018 and Free Arts Day Taliesin West.

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Future Thinking: Expecting the Unexpected

As designers, we are consistently facing ethical decisions and creating some form of impact, whether for better or worse. This three-hour workshop held in early 2019 addressed how we can consider the long-term effects and social impacts of the products we design.

This workshop featured:

  • Presentation defining human-centered design and how it relates to design ethics
  • Review some of the firms that focus on this design thinking method
  • Outline resources available for designers to incorporate into their own processes
  • Using Tarot Cards of Tech hands-on workshop, exploring new ideas through a series of prompt scenarios

Join AIGA Arizona as we look into what resources are available for designers from all backgrounds to help better prepare for effective impact. You’ll learn to think more inclusively and consider the impacts of any creative challenge you may face.

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Free Arts Day Arizona at Taliesin West

Last fall, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation extended a special invitation to our Free Arts ( partner and AIGA Arizona for children to explore the beautiful Taliesin West property and home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This Free Arts Day hosted over 50 children and 20 AIGA Arizona design volunteers for a full day of educational creative activities. The design volunteers expertise helped educate children about architectural structures, the basics of geometry, and biomimicry through stained-glass art and scale-model home construction.

Free Arts Day at Taliesin West was so successful that we anticipate holding this event on a yearly basis!

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This event, held with great success for the past four years, is currently gearing up for it’s fifth weekend of design sprints. It’s a 24-hour creative marathon where volunteers come together to provide design, marketing, and strategic services for nonprofits. Together we can ignite, accelerate, and amplify design-driven social change.

We’ve already helped over 20 Arizona non-profits, and we’re pulling another all nighter in the name of social good. Join us in helping those who help others.

Why It Matters: Do you know a local nonprofit that could use a boost to get the word out and raise funds, but doesn’t have the resources to make it happen? The amazing work produced during CreateAthon events helps local nonprofit recipients thrive, and in turn the community thrives.

The CreateAthon process has been around for over 18 years and is broken down into a tried-and-true method. It has transformed into an international movement with huge social impacts. Learn more about the CreateAthon movement.

By combining our creative skills and passions to share the messages of these non-profits, we can help make a powerful impact in the communities where we work and live.

We are currently looking for funding and corporate sponsorship for this event. Please contact Julie Ray at if interested.

Initiatives & Grant Work

Creative Mental Health

This new initiative focuses on the interaction between those in creative industries and the mental healthcare system. A team of designers has been paired with an independently licensed therapist to co-create a system of infographics, digital media, and social posts to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and increase understanding of mental healthcare system throughout the community.

Through effective and peer-reviewed design, we hope to clarify treatment options, encourage creative minds to engage in self-care, and enable those in fragile mental states to seek support. As we collect and accumulate digital media and explainer infographics, the CMH team will develop a shareable and portable “Mental Health Visual Curriculum” that can be utilized by other organizations.

Are you a creative psychologist? Or a designer who loves healthcare infographics? We’re always open to new teammates. Contact

Design for Democracy (D4D)

Design for Democracy is based on the premise that good design makes your choices clear.

Started in 1998, AIGA’s oldest initiative has the mission to apply design tools and thinking to increase civic participation. By making interactions between the U.S. government and its citizens more understandable, efficient, and trustworthy, designers become more vocal citizens and make democracy more sound.

“AIGA is committed to working for public good and design excellence. Democracy is designed,” says AIGA executive director Julie Anixter. In 2018, we continue to advocate for civic engagement through voter education, registration, and access, but with an additional emphasis placed on civic engagement. We turn design skills and aspirations into tangible actions that can make a difference.

In 2018, AIGA’s Arizona branch of the D4D Initiative created voter registration and voting date awareness collateral, including digital and print pieces. They also registered Arizona voters throughout the October Phoenix Design Week conference days leading up to the November election.

This team is currently researching and sourcing ideas for our 2020 Voter Initiatives. Are you a designer who works closely with the government, or has experience with the voting system on a state or federal level? We’d love to hear from you. Contact