Spotlight on Local Talent

The Arizona design community has a depth and breadth of talent unmatched in most states. That is why AIGA Arizona wants to start showcasing the work of locals on its web site, Instagram page, and other social media channels.

But we cannot do it without your help, for the simple reason that we’re an all-volunteer band of design enthusiasts, and cannot get around to all the cool stuff that is going on in Flagstaff, Tucson, and everyplace in between.

So please send us content from yourself or someone you admire that you think deserves recognition. We cannot guarantee that everything we get will be posted, but all submissions are appreciated.

We are also hoping to use this initiative to reach and connect with a more diverse group of designers, so if you know of someone, send his or her work our way. The email address to send photos, illustrations, videos, vectors, and descriptions isĀ


By communications
Published March 17, 2016